Timeline Repatterning

What Is Timeline Repatterning®?

Have you ever wondered why you react to certain situations in ways that may seem exaggerated or inappropriate – perhaps feeling upset or angry over seemingly minor events?  This response is often evidence of the presence of deep, non-supportive beliefs that you carry within you from past experiences.Many of us are bothered by images and beliefs from the past that continue to affect our lives in the present.  As we look back and see how far we’ve come, we assure ourselves that we’ve let go of the pain, fear or anger associated with those negative experiences. 

And yet, somehow, the feelings continue to surface in our lives, either consciously or unconsciously.  They affect our choices and our responses to life events as well as our physical and emotional well-being.

Relief from Limitation

We experience events based on our perspective at the time.  For example, a child observing a distressing situation – perhaps being criticized or humiliated – interprets the situation within the context of his or her limited life experience.

According to recent evidence, everything we experience is recorded not just within our brains, but also within the actual molecular structure of the body.

If we hold a memory that is in harmony with our positive life intention, it adds to our growth and our enjoyment of life.  If it is an experience we interpret as negative or painful, we tend to file the information within the subconscious or deep-core body memory, where it may become reactivated under stressful conditions later in life.

This creative choice – to bury negative experiences in our subconscious – allows us to move forward without the conscious burden of remembering something unwanted. 

However, the feeling created by the negative experience continues to linger in the psyche and may continue to affect our life experience.

Timeline Repatterning uses guided visualization to gently release emotional restriction and restore well-being.

What Does a Timeline Repatterning Session Involve?

In most cases, the client is seated or lying down comfortably during a Timeline Repatterning session.

The practitioner first tests your body (in a manner similar to an assessment for Matrix Repatterning) to find areas of emotional tension.  These locations in your body may be storing information associated with a specific belief, memory or stressful time period.

As these physical areas are accessed, certain memories may surface.  These are briefly identified and then you are gently guided toward a more positive, life-affirming perspective, which is used to redefine and rewrite that entire period of time.  This new information is then redirected into the body, essentially replacing the old memory files. 

It may, at first, seem strange that you could choose a new story to replace the one you originally experienced, but all you are really changing is your perspective.  This change is similar to the experience of reading a book or watching a movie that uplifts and inspires you. 

Timeline Repatterning enables you to use your powerful new perspective to redefine beliefs that do not serve you anymore.  This change in approach creates the freedom to experience life in a more joyful way.