Neck and Shoulder Pain

Modern life – sitting at a desk at a computer, endless online meetings, and various physical activities – often aggravates the neck and shoulder area. The fact is that some people experience these symptoms more than others due to injuries that may have happened long before. You may have forgotten that fender-bender that happened months or years ago, or that time you slipped and broke your fall with an outstretched hand. Other injuries, such as falls on your shoulder, upper back or bumps on the head, can transfer mechanical stress to the neck and shoulders. Surprisingly, an injury to the jaw or even dental work, can trigger nerve impulses leading to a pain in the neck and shoulder.

Matrix Repatterning is an approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of the entire body. You can test this out yourself in the following way:

  1. 1Sit comfortably with your arms resting on your lap.
  2. 2Close your eyes and notice the amount of tension in your neck and shoulders.
  3. 3Clench both fists tightly and notice the change in your awareness of tension.
  4. 4Unclench your fists and notice the difference.
  5. 5Clench and unclench a few more times if you didn’t feel it the first time.

It has been verified that many injuries can lead to changes in bone size and a loss of joint stability. Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners (CMRPs) are trained to identify these changes and successfully treat the underlying cause of many conditions, including those that can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Additional support, such as exercise and the use of the unique MatrixMag™ Home Treatment System, can promote more rapid recovery.

To find out more about how Matrix Repatterning can help you recover from neck and shoulder pain and many other conditions, contact us or go to the ‘Find a Practitioner’ section of this website, to locate a CMRP in your area.