Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

A Matter of Stability

Low back pain is a debilitating condition that can limit your activities and your enjoyment of life. You may have been told that you have disc degeneration or bulging discs (so-called ‘slipped discs’). Treatments with drugs, physical therapy and surgery are far from perfect and do not prevent recurring pain or continuing deterioration.

However, we have discovered that most of these issues can be improved, if not resolved, by treating the cause, which may NOT be in the low back itself. In fact, many common injuries to other areas, such as the ankle, knee, other spinal areas and even the head, neck or jaw, can cause a reaction called the ‘Articular Stability Reflex’, which can literally turn off the tiny stabilizing muscles in the low back. The resulting instability can lead to stress on the discs (the cushions between the bones of the spine), which can lead to a break down of the fibres that keep a gel-like ball (the nucleus) in the centre of the disc. The result is a collapse of the disc and pressure on the nerves, leading to pain and even worse symptoms (Like what?).

The Solution:

By targeting the areas of injury that triggered the instability in the first place, a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner (CMRP) can restore stability, allowing the disc to heal. Additional treatments to normalize the bone structure of the spine, pelvis and lower extremities can also support healing by reducing postural and bio-mechanical stress. Additional support, such as exercise and the use of the unique MatrixMag™ Home Treatment System, can promote more rapid recovery.

Learn More:

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