Golf: Get Back In The Swing With Matrix Repatterning

That fall you sustained in university twenty years ago could be the source of the problem with your golf swing today. While this injury may no longer be painful, according to Dr. George Roth, the originator of Matrix Repatterning, your body has recorded the damage at the cell level. This is what leads to the tension patterns creating restriction – and in some cases, pain – in other parts of your body. Unless the source of the problem is discovered and permanently corrected, you may never reach your full potential in golf or other activities life has to offer.

Matrix Repatterning, based on over more than 20 years of research and clinical practice, is a breakthrough method of correcting injury and eliminating pain or discomfort by treating structural imbalances at the molecular level. Certified practitioners precisely detect where the body is holding the most restriction, which is an indicator of previous and current injuries. Then, using gentle manual pressure, they are able to unravel deep layers of injury, resulting in lasting relief of tension and pain.

“By our very nature, we are active individuals from the moment we’re born. It’s natural that we will all have injuries over the course of our life, in varying degrees of severity based on our activity levels,” says Dr. Roth, a specialist in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions and preventive health care.

Our body is a matrix that forms a continuous fabric throughout the body, connecting everything at the molecular level. Our connecting “fabric” or “matrix” responds to the source of an injury by creating strain and discomfort in other areas of the body. In order to permanently correct an injury, you need to find the original source, which is often located at a different site than where a person is experiencing pain when they present for treatment.

“This means that while you feel it may be the stiffness or pain in your right shoulder throwing off your golf swing,” says Dr. Roth, “it could actually be an injury in, for example, your left hip, you’ve long forgotten that is the underlying culprit. Matrix Repatterning goes well beyond the superficial cause of pain, to the original source, correcting the problem quickly, with lasting results.”

“I developed knee, hip and low back pain and stiffness, due to several falls and sports injuries in my youth, which used to interfere with my golf game. I would be in pain after only 1 round, and I knew that I was not hitting the ball as well as I could. After 4 sessions of Matrix Repatterning, I can turn more fully through my hips, and now I hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before. I have improved to the point that I can play 2 full rounds in a day with absolutely no pain!”

George H., CEO

Unlike other therapies that require ongoing appointments, Matrix Repatterning is effective at resolving injuries associated with back, shoulder, hip or knee pain, usually between six and 10 treatments. As well, Matrix Repatterning has proven to be very helpful in relieving conditions as varied as headaches, pelvic disorders including urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, reflux (heartburn), as well as snoring and sleep apnea.

“Most people would rather be out on the golf course than spending their time visiting a health practitioner week in and week out,” says Roth. “Using Matrix Repatterning people of all ages and activity levels have been able to achieve optimal health and quality of life quickly and painlessly.”

Most extended benefit plans cover Matrix Repatterning treatments, which offers consistent, cost-effective results within a relatively few number of treatment sessions. To find a Matrix Repatterning practitioner in your area or for additional information, please visit