Fibromyalgia – It Just Hurts Everywhere

by Dr. George B. Roth, B.Sc., D.C., N.D.

Fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder for which the cause is still unknown. Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons – the soft fibrous tissues in the body. Most patients with FMS say that they ache all over. Their muscles may feel like they have been pulled or overworked. Sometimes the muscles twitch and at other times they burn. More women than men are afflicted with FMS, and it occurs in all age groups.

Some describe the symptoms like the muscle aches and pains associated with the flu. There is also an associated loss of energy and another condition, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), is sometimes associated with FMS. Sleep disturbances, depression, irritable bowel and TMJ syndrome also appear to be associated with the disorder. Other common symptoms may include cognitive or memory impairment, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), painful periods, chest pain, morning stiffness, numbness and tingling sensations, muscle twitching, irritable bladder, skin sensitivities, dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and impaired coordination. Patients are often sensitive to foods, chemicals, odors, loud noise and bright light.

The origins of this condition have eluded researchers ever since it was first defined. The term itself is essentially meaningless: “algia” meaning pain; “fibro” and “myo” referring to the location of the pain in the fibrous tissues and the muscles, which are everywhere! It is associated with everything (including viruses, stress, injuries, depression, sleep disturbance, brain chemistry and hormonal imbalance, chemical and heavy metal toxicity) and nothing in particular. As such, it is a source of frustration for the sufferer and the health care practitioner alike.

Matrix Repatterning may offer some insights and some possible hope. Many common impact injuries, including falls and motor vehicle accidents have been associated with the onset of fibromyalgia. In previous chapters, the mechanism of injury at the cellular/molecular level was discussed. The Tensegrity Matrix could explain some the widespread mechanical effects of certain more serious injuries. One or more primary sites of restriction may be the source of strain and pain throughout the body due to the interconnected nature of the matrix. Also, the deeper underlying issues of fluid-filled organ and bone involvement could explain why many of these conditions have gone unresolved up till now.

These types of injuries have significant effects on the structure and function of certain internal organs. The heart, liver, kidneys and spleen are particularly vulnerable to the effects of impact, and indications are that their physiology is altered when the cells are under abnormal tension. The liver, for example, regulates many of the hormones and chemicals in the body, as well as functioning to rid the body of toxic materials. If it is impaired by trauma, the levels of these substances might well become abnormal. This could be one possible cause of the chemical imbalances associated with this condition.

Our experience with fibromyalgia and related conditions has been promising. Resolving the structural component of the layers of injury present, has often open a window on allowing the light of deeper healing to occur. The body, once restored to structural and mechanical balance, functions more efficiently and with less strain. One of the most common statements by patients with fibromyalgia, upon resolving some of these issues with MR, is that their sleep patterns are restored to normal. It is my opinion that the background of irritation from primary restrictions and their resulting strain patterns, is a constant source of neurological “noise”, leading to a heightened state of alarm within the nervous system. Once these sources of irritability are reduced, the patient often experiences a welcome relief, as if the volume of noise had been turned down dramatically. Clinical experience has also shown promise in the restoration of normal organ function, which could lead to a normalization of hormonal levels and improved digestive and detoxification systems.

Dr. George Roth, D.C., N.D. is a practitioner with over 25 years experience in the field of energy medicine. He has developed a number of leading-edge technologies to assist individuals in the achievement of optimal wellness. He lectures extensively to various groups and educational institutions and is a published author.

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